Monday, June 24, 2013

The Bishop’s Capital Campaign

Dear Parish Family,

Congratulations to our parish for achieving our Capital Campaign and Endowment goal for the Diocese of Dallas.  Your generosity is extraordinary. 

Before I give you the details of the current report I want to especially thank those on our Campaign Committee who worked tirelessly to make this a reality.  There are those who, seemingly with great ease, give of their time and sacrifice their plans to make all this so.  You are like stars in the crown of the Blessed Mother.

Perhaps we have learned a few things of importance concerning how we do fund raising in the Church.  One of the characteristics of this campaign was that the Pastor and others spent time contacting parishioners and discussing their giving.  This was so foreign to me that it was uncomfortable at first. Discussing how much people should or could give was not easy.  This is one of those areas of Church life that is usually off limits.

The very first meeting I had with parishioners was one of the most fruitful.  Thereafter, I felt completely at home.  I was not able to make as many of the visits as I came to hope, but those that I did have turned out to be a real source of joy. 
I am trying now to find a way to make this a continued part of our parish life: to visit with parishioners having the simple goal of spending 30 minutes or so to get to know each other better.  If this is interesting to you, call the parish office and speak to Mary Boyle (Adult Formation) 972.727.1177, ext. 2213 or Sara Walsh (Pastoral Center Receptionist) 972.727.1177, ext. 0.

The “numbers” of those who contributed were 460 pledges which is only about 10% of the parish.  The total given so far is $2,496,696.  Actually, even though we have made our goal, we hope that everyone in the parish will still contribute, as from this point on, St. Jude will receive 70% of all monies pledged.  Remember that we were part of the five parishes that were used to test the campaign plans.  This fall, the other parishes will take up the efforts.  We can use their timeline to continue to pledge to the effort. 

Remember the greatest significance of our support is to the children of the diocese and for those in need.

Again, thank you for your support.
In Christ,

Fr. Tim

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