Thursday, June 20, 2013

Boy Scouts

Almost every page on the internet was seemingly devoted to the flap over admitting openly declared homosexual children to the Boy Scout program.  There are things about this decision that I believe are not within the goal and purpose of the Boy Scouts. 

Our Bishop joins all of us who are sponsoring agencies to see if there is a way that we can continue to sponsor the Boy Scout Troop.  To withdraw is a serious matter.  We are, at this point maintaining vigilance and listening for our Bishop’s guidance. 

I would ask everyone involved in the Scouting program to join in this effort by “staying the course”.  I can assure you that whatever program we will use to guide our young people, it will be recognizably Catholic.  I also urge you not to withdraw your support and participation.  If the Church bowed to every whim of society we would be unable to guide our people.  We will always stand firm in our resolve to teach and live the Catholic faith.

Capital Campaign
We have reached our goal of $2,375,000.  Thanks to all of you who participated and gave so faithfully and generously.  The actual amount pledged to date is $2,430,085 , or $55,085, (102%) over the goal.

One of the features of our capital campaign is the incentive to give that involves the whole parish.  Getting to this point and achieving the goal has been like an 880 sprint.  At end we race are able to realize the value of our gifts.  For every $100 given $70 come back to the parish.  This allows us to have a greater share in supporting the diocese but also allows us to find a way to satisfy our needs. 

After a period of time we will begin investigating some secondary goals to see if they fit well.  I would encourage you to consider being a part of our campaign.  That alone should inspire us, to know that we have a real share in the parish’s work.

Kitchen Work
The demolishing of the old kitchen has begun.  Although concerns for safety necessitate that we will have to avoid the old parish hall and kitchen, you can be assured that we are making progress.  We likely will be finished sometime in August.   The space that we are creating with this project is very useful and should be very efficient. 

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