Thursday, December 13, 2012

End of the Year / New Year Giving

It is possible that you might have an opportunity to make a gift to the parish before the New Year arrives.  This would be very helpful, especially in light of the information below.  There are tax advantages in making a year-end gift.  Even more importantly we can gain a blessing from God on our efforts this year to make a difference in our world.  Please know that because of your support of the parish we have been able to make a significant impact on our community and our church.  Here are some financial highlights from 2012:


We continue to work on plans for the expansion of the Kitchen.  This is not a small effort in any sense.  It involves removing all that separates the old business office from the current kitchen: the installation of a hood (a very expensive piece) and all new commercial “type” equipment.  The kitchen is a focal point of the facility simply because so many events are supported by the all-too-small kitchen.   The current cost estimate is $180,000.


We provided assistance to Santa Clara Catholic School ($10,000.)  This school serves very poor children in south Dallas.  The assistance provided scholarship aid to one classroom for the year.
We assisted two “Title One” schools in Allen.  These schools depend on contributions to supplement their less than adequate budgets.  We have focused our attention on children who cannot afford to participate in field trips.  Many of these families are also clients of the Allen Food Pantry. 
We continue to organize in preparation for building a parochial school in Honduras.  More on that by the end of February. 


Gospel of Life, Samaritan Inn, Allen Ministerial Alliance Senior Luncheon, St. Brigid’s Needle Arts Ministry, Eucharistic Ministry to the Sick, Addiction Ministries, CSI, Food Pantry, American Heritage Girls, Venture Crew, Boy Scouts Troop 131, Cub Scouts, ESL, Collin County Juvenile Detention Center, Alzheimer’s Support Group, and Grief Support.

The list above is gleaned from the parish newcomer’s guide and includes only those efforts that we would classify as “outreach.”  There are dozens of additional fellowships, education and service organizations that would spill over on this page.  It has been an expressed goal that we increase the activity of the parish to fill the available space.  And, we encourage you to find a niche so that we are truly living the Gospel.


Included with this report of giving (“Good Steward”) is a 2013 pledge card.  If you will be giving the same amount for this coming year as you did in 2012, simply fill out a new pledge card and note that you want to stay at the amount pledged in 2012.  We do, however, want to encourage your “growth in giving.”  Working toward the tithe (10% of gross) is one of the most satisfying challenges we can undertake.  The increased strength of the parish to accomplish the goals that are provided by your giving is very important indeed.  From the brief description of some of our endeavors you can see that we are working to responsibly use your contributions to the parish.

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